Spoiled Brat: Upstart Tea Partier's Campaign Manager Hides Facebook Flubs

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor's stunning defeat in his Virginia primary was completely unexpected. No one saw it coming, not the media, and least of all his staff. 

What seems a lot less surprising is what underdog David Brat's 23-year old campaign manager's Facebook posts were filled with: paranoid, vitriolic, right-wing fantasies about everything from Obama to Trayvon Martin's murderer, George Zimmerman. The manager, Zachary Werrell, seemed to think that maybe the rants went a little far, too, and deleted or hid his page from prying public eyes.

Too late, young Mr. Werrell. Yahoo has screen shots of your Ayn Rand-ian utopian screeds, and they are not flattering.

Here he is equating a desire to see justice for Trayvon Martin with abortion (from Yahoo):

And here's a little pro-secession note:

When it seemed like Brat was a long shot with little chance of winning, these libertarian figments were all well and good. Chalk it up to freedom of speech, however mean or ignorant. But now, with Brat a shoe-in for the seat, we have to take the meanderings of this newly post-pubescent loon seriously.

This kid was chosen by Brat, and one can only assume shares Brat's worldviews. And now he'll be our next congressperson from Virginia. We may be surprised at the unexpected win, but we can't be at all shocked by the fringe political views this ultra-conservative will bring to the Capitol. 

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