NJ NRA Opposes Banning People on Terrorist Watch Lists from Having Guns

Before the debate over guns even begins in the New Jersey Legislature, groups including the New Jersey Association of Rifle and Pistol Clubs, which touts itself as the "Official NRA state association" are already lining up in opposition to what legislators consider common sense gun violence prevention measures. Let's see some of what we hear they oppose:

  • (A588) Banning ammunition that penetrates body armor.
  • (A1329) High capacity magazine ban (current limit is 15 bullets, would decrease to 10)
  • (A1387) Expands gun-free zones near schools
  • (A3510) Safety training requirements for gun owners
  • (A3687) Disqualifies people on federal terrorist watch list from getting firearms
  • (A3754) Allows Law Enforcement to seize firearm if mental health professional determines user poses a credible threat to themselves or others.

But the list doesn't end there, because sources say they oppose the majority of the proposals up for consideration. Apparently the gun groups are worried about a secret list from the government. And that's why we can't prevent people from the terror watch list from getting guns. Makes sense, right?

For their part, the Assembly Democrats put out this video with Legislators speaking about what they are actually proposing and thinking:

You can see the full board list of bills up for consideration here.

But don't forget the "outrage" on the right leading up to the voting session:

As you can see from the tenor of the releases and the early opposition, there will be plenty of hyperbole and hot air in Trenton. Lets hope there's also some substantive discussion about the way to balance respecting the rights of gun owners while also promoting the safety of the general public.

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