Someone in Hartford hasn't been paying attention


A YoutTube video showing a fight between two Hartford women has city leaders looking for constructive ways to address violence.

In a video shot by a camera phone, the women are outside of two buildings at 222 S. Marshall St. and one man even tries to break up the fight. According to neighbors, the fight started after one woman threatened to kick the other's pit bull if it bit her.

The most disturbing part of the video is when a child kicks one of the women in the head.

Mayor Pedro Segarra was upset with the footage.

"I do not want to shock people to try to get them to move and to move that moral compass," he said.

Looks like someone hasn't been paying attention.

April 2012 (left) Asylum and Trumbull Street, 10 months ago (right)

May 2011 (left), Albany Ave, May 2011 (right)

As someone who was raised in the North End section of Hartford, this level of violence is nothing new and until people get real serious about addressing the problems in the North End, except more videos like the ones above to go viral on YouTube.

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