Is this the Softer Side of Charlie?

Charlie Bass has added his signature "Charlie" to his latest batch of yard sign across NH-02. Perhaps it's supposed to intone a kinder gentler Charlie?

Meanwhile his field staff get aggressively bully Ann McLane Kuster with video cameras. Not cool.

I suppose I could have gotten in the face of Congressman Bass while he was "Working" for UPS in Keene recently, I could have asked him about his real positions on unions and labor. I guess I'm too polite and have respect for those who seek to represent me in DC.

Bullying opponents is not a New Hampshire value and we certainly do not need more of it in DC. Let's help Congressman Bass return to the private sector.

Volunteer or Donate to help send Ann McLane Kuster to DC where she will stand up for NH's Middle Class.

Kuster Campaign Statement below the fold.


Annie Kuster released the following statement regarding political bullying by Congressman Bass' campaign:

"Political bullying by Congressman Bass and the House Republicans has resulted in a failed, do-nothing Congress. Bass's political bullying hasn't worked in Washington and I won't let it intimidate me or my campaign in New Hampshire.

This weekend, Congressman Bass sent a campaign staffer to a public event I was attending, which all candidates for public office expect. However, after the Bass staff member repeatedly interrupted a private conversation I was having and nearly hit me in the face with his video camera, I briefly took the camera from him and asked one of my supporters to return it moments later. The final thirty seconds of this episode were included in a video that the Bass campaign anonymously leaked to a Republican blog in an attempt to deceive voters and distract from his own failed leadership.

This type of political bullying aimed at keeping Congressman Bass in political power at all costs is exactly what is wrong with Congress. This is not what leaders do to bring people together to solve problems. It's what politicians do to try and save their political careers.

I am eager to debate the issues with Congressman Bass in a respectful and civil way, but I won't tolerate the Bass campaign's attempts to intimidate me."

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