CT Gov Candidate Deletes Pro-Gun Control Facebook Comments

It's bad enough that Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton did his typical pandering to the fringe element of the his base, today the laughable gubernatorial candidate's campaign was caught erasing critical comments regarding his flip-flop from his Facebook account.

Via Mayors Against Illegal Guns:

Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton is running for Governor, and he'd rather cozy up to the Washington gun lobby than honor his promise to keep Connecticut families safe. That's why he announced on Facebook that he's leaving the Mayors Against Illegal Guns coalition.

Boughton's slogan is "people over politics" -- but when people across Connecticut posted reactions on his Facebook wall, his campaign deleted almost all of the comments from people who support common sense gun laws, including his own constituents.

Boughton's campaign is trying to silence the voices of Connecticut families, and it's time to take action so he can't just delete what you have to say.

Can you write a letter to the editor of a Connecticut paper saying why you feel betrayed by Mayor Boughton? Click here to use our tool and get talking points to easily send letters to the editor online.

What didn't Mayor Boughton's campaign want Connecticut to see? Heartfelt, honest messages from people across the state like these:

Facebook comment

"I just found out that you pulled out of the gun sense group. I don't trust any politician who aligns himself with the gun lobby. Shame. You've betrayed your neighbor, Newtown."

Facebook comment

"You certainly don't have my support or the support of my newly-minted American citizen husband - mom & dad of a Sandy Hook survivor and friend of slain principal Dawn Hochsprung."

There are dozens more, but Boughton silenced them all. We need to take action so he can't just delete you from a debate that has life and death consequences and let the gun lobby do the talking for him.

Click here to write a letter to the editor of a Connecticut newspaper and express your disappointment in his decision to stop working to prevent gun violence.

We can no longer tolerate candidates for office who won't do all they can to prevent gun violence. Mayor Mark Boughton made it clear that he stands with the gun lobby. It's time for us to remind Connecticut of his position.

Thanks for standing with us,

Mark Glaze
Mayors Against Illegal Guns

...and this comes from the same mayor who whitewashed his Twitter account when he announced his run for governor.

Mark Boughton putting "Politics over People" ...but what else is new?

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