Smile! You're In Jamaica :-)

Barack and Jamrock

Jamaican smiles all around!

President Obama traveled to Jamaica on Thursday and part of his visit included a trip to the Bob Marley Museum.


You're in Jamaica: C'mon and smile!
(In Jamaica, y'all) Get it together, y'all!
(In Jamaica) Get it together, now!
In Jamaica, y'all.

Soulful town, soulful people:
Said, I see you're having fun,
Dancin' to the reggae rhythm,
Oh, island in the sun:
Oh, smile!

Oh, and he was also in Jamaica to launch his Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative (YLAI) to expand opportunities for emerging entrepreneurs and civil society activists. From a Town Hall:




The White House @WhiteHouse
"If there's one thing I know from my own life, it's that with hard work and hope, change is always within our reach." -Obama in Jamaica


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