Showcasing Failure

The upcoming Republican Convention has a presumed Presidential candidate who has many many millions in foreign bank accounts, pays a lower percenatge of his income in taxes than an average American worker and whose "job creation" experience is built on Gordon Gekko "buy em up, lay em off, tear em down" principles.  

His Vice Presidential candidate voted for every budget busting bill when the Republicans held the White House and Congress throughout the 2000s, leaving massive deficits, unfunded wars costing trillions, and has crafted detailed budgets that will add over $3 trillion to the deficit over 10 years while shifting massive amounts of money to the top 0.5%.

The headlining showstopping plum speaking engagement is awarded to the latest in a long line of flavors of the month - a man who is Governor of New Jersey and has led the state to some of the worst job numbers, unemployment numbers and economic outlook in decades.  Governor Christie is going to be the keynote speaker with his list of accomplishments including the highest unemployment rate since who can even remember, a headsmacking unilateral decision to cancel a massive infrastructure project that would have led to increased commerce, thousands of additional jobs for years and a solid number of permanent jobs, a boneheaded stubborn decision on an education funding application that cost the state's children $400 million in federal funding and a growing list of cronies that he can stuff into cushy public jobs in return for political loyalty.

In a way, it makes total sense since the Republican Party is all about doubling down on their class warfare, slash and burn "it wasn't me, it was them" tactics.  It is all bravado and optics and big accusations against "big government" when in fact it is their direct actions and inaction that had a tremendous impact on the mess this country now faces.

It would seem to fly in the face of reality to showcase Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and Chris Christie since these three men are the embodiment of Republican failure.  But given the "up is down" strategy that has done the Republican Party so well over the past decade or so, I couldn't think of a better person to give the keynote presentation at a Convention where the major political party has failed this country in such spectacular fashion, since Chris Christie's New Jersey is a beacon of failure when compared to, well, at least 47 other states.

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