Show Us Your Papers, Mr. Christie

When someone is sworn in as New Jersey Governor, they take (and sign) an oath promising to uphold the laws of the United States and those of the state of New Jersey.  They don't have the option to uphold only the laws that they agree with - they have to uphold all laws.

Barack Obama faced a conundrum with this during his "evolution" on marriage equality. He was under oath to uphold the misnamed "Defense of Marriage Act" (DOMA) while publicly promoting equal rights for the LGBT community. He correctly chose not to defend DOMA in court (while the Republicans decided to spend $3 million of our tax money to do so), but still did not unilaterally issue an executive order for federal agencies to treat same-sex couples as married. He worked within the system to get the law changed - a process that is still ongoing.

Chris Christie, on the other hand, flagrantly violates his oath by choosing not to implement the three-year-old medical marijuana law. He has put roadblock after roadblock in front of suffering patients and continues to stonewall on a law, like marriage equality, that the legislature has passed but, contrary to his oath of office, he has personal disagreement with.

It's time for Chris Christie to obey the law and be as proactive in establishing dispensaries throughout the state, eliminate the waiting period for patients, and do his with as much vigor as he does in awarding no-bid contracts to his cronies.

Interesting tidbit: As of this writing, on the NJ Department of State web site are images of all of the signed oaths of office for our governors, dating back to 1790. Conspicuously absent is an oath signed in 2010 by incoming Governor Christie. Is he really governor? Show us your papers, Mr. Christie.

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