Senator Mitch McConnell Continues His Partisan Closed To The Public Visits Throughout Kentucky.

Senator Mitch McConnell continues his partisan, closed door, meetings with his supporters at the Lake Cumberland Regional Medical Center in Somerset, Ky. Will Senator Mitch McConnell ever find the balls to have a open to the public town-hall meeting? As a Kentuckian I consider Mitch McConnell's sneaking around Kentucky, holding closed door meetings, insulting and a snub to regular people like me and further proof Senator Mitch McConnell has no real interest in the plight of real Kentuckians. I won't forget this in 2014 when Senator Mitch McConnell is up for re-election, How about you!

According to the Kentucky Secretary of State Website Jeff Seraphine is the manager of Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital. Is this the same Jeff Seraphine that was part of Republican and Mitch McConnell's favorite, Trey Grayson's finance committee, during Trey Grayson's 2010 run for the Senate?

Senator Mitch McConnell has disabled comments on the video below. Just a another example of his arrogance! BTW did WKYT supply Senator Mitch McConnell with the video below so he Senator Mitch McConnell could upload it to his Republican Leader Youtube site?

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