GOP Senator Solicited Obamacare Grant Money While Voting to Defund It

Big John is a Big Hypocrite when it comes to Obamacare funds.

While Texas Sen. John Cornyn cosponsored Ted Cruz's amendment to defund the Affordable Care Act in the Senate, and voted thirty times to repeal the law that institutes a wide range of common sense health insurance reforms, he was writing the government in support of a grant application that would be funded by Obamacare.

An article in The Nation recently published a collection of letters from Republicans seeking Obamacare grant money despite their opposition to the program.

Cornyn, the Republican whip, wrote to the Centers for Disease Control to recommend a grant for Houston and Harris County. Fellow Republican Michael McCaul also wrote a letter of support for the application, stating that the effort was a "crucial initiative to achieve a healthier Houston/Harris County." Former Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison also wrote many letters of support for various grant-seeking entities.

View the letters from Cornyn, McCaul, and Hutchison seeking Obamacare grant funds here.

One might credit Cornyn for trying to take advantage of available funds to help his constituents. But really, it's deeply hypocritical for Cornyn to request money that he is simultaneously voting to be taken away. Republicans have made a cottage industry of opposition to Obamacare in part to stay in the good graces of the GOP primary electorate, who apparently never had a pre-existing condition or a gap in coverage and thus need none of the important consumer reforms in the Affordable Care Act. In reality, that opposition looks more and more like a political ploy and an effort to harm President Obama rather than promote any actual solutions to the healthcare challenges facing America.

Maybe someone should tell Ted Cruz's faithful crazies that Cornyn is apparently only paying lip service to his opposition to Obamacare. I guess the money just talks louder than the GOP messaging blast faxes, eh Big John?  

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