Senate HH Hearing/Fluff or Fight?

Here are the members of the Legislative Oversight Committee:

Legislative Oversight    

Gordon, Robert M. - Chair    

Buono, Barbara - Vice-Chair    

Kean, Thomas H.    

Kyrillos, Joseph M.    

Ruiz, M. Teresa    

Sarlo, Paul A.    

Will they be interested enough to ask the tough questions?

The lucrative Halfway House industry will be out in full force with their message of " positive prison alternative." They will pull out all stops to save their $100 million business.

The focus of the hearing must not be a debate on the " idea" of Halfway Houses ,but rather about contract compliance.

The real story is not that Halfway Houses exist,but that they exist with no oversight!

Will the Senators know the details of the RFP's that were signed ?

Will the Senators know to ask the NJDOC why contract compliance is so lax?

Will the Senators blame the Halfway Houses for taking advantage of the lack of financial and security oversight or will they blame the NJDOC for letting it get so bad?

Did the NJDOC purposely not do their oversight job for political reasons?

Why were the oversight departments in the NJDOC disbanded or reduced since Governor Christie took office?

There is a important " human side" that must be discussed about Halfway House failures,but the real issue is the failure of contract compliance and the failure of the NJDOC to do its job as contract policeman.

It is up to State Senators Buono,Ruiz, Sarlo,and Gordon to get to the bottom of what is happening to the $100 million of taxpayer money.

Will they care enough on a hot Trenton day at 2:00 to do THEIR oversight duty?

The taxpayers deserve answers.


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