AL Senate Committee Approves 3 Extreme Anti-Choice Bills by '7 White Guys to 1 Black Woman' Vote

As one attendee described today's public hearing, it was "7 white guys, 1 black woman, and 1 white female secretary" in session to discuss laws that impact the women of Alabama.  And the guys decided that they know better than the gals and their doctors how to handle the female reproductive system.

Committee votes for HB490, HB493, and HB494 were all 7-1.

Democratic Senator Linda Coleman was the only dissenting vote, but she's not the only Democrat on the committee. Once again, we get screwed by the "leaders" in our own party as they happily jump on the "pass unconstitutional bills and cost the state money" gravy train for lawyers. The full roll calls should be available tomorrow. Two senators who have opposed such legislation in the past — Democrat Billy Beasley and Independent Harri Anne Smith — skipped the hearing.

Kudos to those who stood up against the bills, including Joann Cummings and Dr. Hines from Shelby County ER, who spoke from experience as a medical professional:

  • "These bills intrude into medical care of our patients."
  • "You are trying to criminalize my job to my patients."

Like that's ever bothered the Legislature before. The Senate could take up the 48-hour waiting period bill. Because, of course, that's more important than passing an actual state budget.

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