Sen Franken's Economic Truth (With Charts, Graphs And Pictures)

Sen Franken's Economic Truth (With Charts, Graphs And Pictures) from The UpTake. Like this? Watch the latest episode of The UpTake on Blip!

US Senator Al Franken explains very clearly how the US has historically solved economic problems, why we are in our current mess and what we need to do to get out of it. Speaking just before the Senate adjourns for the fall elections Senator Franken said "Our economy is still not yet fully recovered from a devastating recession, and the prospects for our middle class remain uncertain. Meanwhile, our budget remains sorely out of balance, and our long-term debt crisis is putting our nation?s fiscal future at risk." "We?re not going to get anywhere if we can?t agree that, yes, the government does have a role to play in helping the private sector create jobs. And, no, you can?t cut the deficit by cutting taxes. And, yes, we are going to have to both raise revenue and reduce spending if we want a balanced budget. And, no, asking the wealthy to pay a little more won?t drive us back into a recession."

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