SEIU Hits CO Senate Candidate with Spanish-Language Minimum Wage Ad

Here's the English translation of SEIU Committee on Political Education's (COPE) newest Spanish language ad running in Colorado, hitting Republican Cory Gardner on his opposition to raising the minimum wage:

Juanita: I am a person who works… and I need to have two jobs…
Voiceover: But Republican Cory Gardner fought against raising the minimum wage here in Colorado.
Tomas: And I don’t think that’s fair and just, because I’m here to work with dignity.
Luisa: It’s indignant because he doesn’t think about the community, about the people. He only thinks like a Republican.
Voiceover: In November, we’re voting against Cory Gardner.

From SEIU's release today:

"Colorado Latinos can't ignore what the future would hold with Mr. Gardner whose voting record shows callous disregard for working Latino families," said SEIU Executive Vice President Rocio Sáenz. "The constituents you hear and see in this ad are just a small sample of a larger dissatisfaction that is quite clear among Latino voters in Colorado."

"The distinction between Sen. Mark Udall and Congressman Gardner is clear. While the senator understands that Latino and immigrant families are fighting for better wages, education, and immigration reform, Gardner has actively ignored or blocked these key issues," Sáenz said, adding. "It's unforgivable and unforgettable."

This ad is reportedly well-funded to run on Spanish language television in Colorado, and is the fourth out from SEIU hitting Gardner with Latino voters. The previous three ads all concerned immigration reform, an issue Gardner has already taken plenty of fire on, so moving on to wages as an issue makes a lot of sense. Latinos are a key constituency where incumbent Mark Udall needs to run up the score against Gardner – and where Gardner, knowing he can't win outright among Latino voters, needs to minimize his losses.

All told, we'd say smart money is being spent here.

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