School Director and 'Very Conservative Ideologue' Caught on Teen Dating Website

East Penn School District Director Julian Stolz has had a page on the teen hook-up website Teenspot for several years according to a Lehigh Valley blog. The Stolz Report found a shirtless picture of the extreme right wing politician along with records revealing he has had contact with girls as young as 14 through Teenspot. He has also admitted contacting young girls through his page there and began dating his current girlfriend when she was underage.

The question here is whether a School Board Director had inappropriate sexual contact with underage girls and whether his questionable judgment should cost him his position. If Stolz engaged in sexual intercourse with a girl under 18 while he was in his early to mid-twenties he likely engaged in a criminal act.  

Julian Stolz is a very conservative ideologue, especially on social issues. He has a long history of inflammatory and racist messages on his Twitter account. He ran for Mayor of Emmaus earlier this year. Parents and teachers in East Penn are angered by these revelations and I expect a lively and heated school board meeting Monday when many of them will have a chance to confront Stolz about these conversations he's had.

My question is why the Lehigh County District Attorney has yet to act on this evidence and apparent admissions of statutory rape? A full investigation seems to be in order.

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