Rutgers President Should Have Known

AP PhotoNew Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who applauded Rutgers' Athletic Director Tim Pernitti's firing resignation, says that Rutgers' President Robert Barchi shouldn't lose his job because, essentially, Barchi wasn't paying attention.

Gov. Chris Christie vehemently defended Rutgers University President Robert Barchi, saying he took action by firing men's basketball coach Mike Rice as soon as the controversial video became public, causing an avalanche of media attention.  

So Barchi was told of the video and the abuse in November but didn't say, "Wow, a video bad enough to warrant talking about firing a Division 1A basketball coach. I need to see this to protect the university."  

Instead he waited until the video "became public" and there was an "avalanche of media attention" to take any action.  And then it was dribs and drabs, waiting a day to fire the coach then another couple days to fire accept the resignation of Pernitti.

Maybe at a college that had no recent racial, gay or basketball bullying scandals this might make sense.  But in the past decade Rutgers has Don Imus calling the women on the Rutgers' basketball team a racially charged name, and Tyler Clemente committing suicide after a secret video of consensual sex with another man was broadcast on the Internet.

And then there's this little gem buried in an article on ABC News:

Including Rice, the last four basketball coaches were fired for problems not related to their records.

So we have recent anti-women and anti-gay scandals and three basketball coaches fired for moral turpitude kind of stuff (one for screaming at an umpire at his son's baseball game -- sound familiar?) but the President didn't think, "Oh, dang.  It's happening again.  I better get on top of this!"

Before Pernitti was fired resigned I didn't think he or Barachi should go, simply because the university's policies were followed and a group decision was made. It was a failure of policy and process, not of any individual beyond Rice.

But if Pernitti deserved to go after following the proper HR processes, then Barachi surely deserves to go for not even asking to watch the video after a decade plus of basketball and bullying scandals.

Christie is a guy who holds press conferences when he hears someone (usually a Democrat) used three squares of toilet paper in a public rest room instead of two, yet he thinks it's OK that Rice got paid for the whole season including his $100,000 bonus and that Pernitti was fired and given $1.2 million to make the scandal go away.

How's that working out for ya?

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