Roraback whining over DCCC ad is dishonest at best

Oh give me a break!

The Roraback campaign Monday sent a letter to all Connecticut television stations demanding that advertisements paid for by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee be removed.

"Voters in this district deserve an honest debate on the important issues facing our country, not the kind of scurrilous noise generated by the DCCC, which embodies the basest form of communication, outright falsehoods," Roraback said in a release.

This is complete bullshit and Roraback knows it.

Here's the ad that has "Mr. Moderate" in a hissyfit.

DCCC Press release:

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee today released its first Independent Expenditure TV ad in Connecticut's 5th Congressional District highlighting how well Republican Andrew Roraback will fit in with Washington Tea Party Republicans. The ad highlights that Roraback is running on the ticket with the Republican plan to end Medicare and force Connecticut seniors to pay $6,400 more every year to fund tax breaks for millionaires. The DCCC IE's TV ad, "Votes," starts running Saturday.

Now while I'm no fan Elizabeth Esty because of the way she spat in the face of Democratic majority in Hartford who passed a reasonable state budget that protected the middle class, Andrew Roraback is on record for fully supporting a Republican-Radical budget plan which would receive a thumbs up from Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

It's not that Roraback is a far-right politician, but rather he would side with the those on the philosophy of the today's Republican-Tea Party...which is anything but moderate.

I'll provide the details later...

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