Romney's other rhetorical atrocity: "Palestinians not wanting to see peace"

It's a disgusting, borderline racist generalization and flies in the face of the reality of one of the most complex political-sociological phenomena in the world.  For those of you who engage with people from the right in other fora, I think the following article from Peter Beinart, a writer with whom I often disagree, will prove quite helpful.  It contains some useful links as well, such as one to data from Khalil Shikaki, the most internationally respected Palestinian pollster.  (Of course, beware that right-wingers, with their fascination with 'guilt by association' may point out that his brother, Fathi, was the founder of Islamic Jihad.  This has happened to me.  If one's brother is a terrorist, one can't possibly be a respected Political Scientist.  Because siblings always agree and always resemble one another.  Always.  Perfectly.  Since Cain and Abel.  Right?)

Anyway, as I said, the article is not only compelling and interesting and sympathetic to the world views of Moose on the subject (as I have witnessed it) it is also useful.

PS One of my biggest critiques of Obama's first term regards his decision to visit here.  I want to see him come and give speeches in Jerusalem, Ramallah, Tel Aviv, and perhaps Akko (Acre) as nearly a third of its inhabitants are Palistinians, mainly Muslims, but some Christians as well.  I think one of the only things that might move things here is if he addressed both Jews and Palestinians and their governments directly.  He would need to thread a few needles.  But he's capable of doing that.  

I also think he should ask Bill Clinton to take up Mitchell's role as a special envoy.  Trust is being built between them.  HRC is stepping down as Sec. of State.  Clinton won't toe Obama's line on everything, but I doubt he'd embarrass him outright.  And wouldn't Clinton relish the chance to complete what he wanted to be his legacy as President?  (As if Northern Ireland isn't enough for one president's foreign policy achievements.  I'll never understand why he doesn't get more credit for that.  Centuries of bloodshed guided toward a political process where the peace has been tested [Omagh] and upheld by both sides.)

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