Romney for "Binders Full of Women" Not Fair Pay

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Campaigning in St. Cloud, Minnesota, two days before the presidential election, Bill Clinton lashed into Republican candidate Mitt Romney for failing to answer in his second debate with President Obama whether he would have signed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act ? which Obama signed his first day in office in 2009. "Mitt Romney says apos;Iapos;m much more decisive. Iapos;m a big, tough business guy,apos;" Clinton mocked the former Massachusetts governor. "He refused to say whether he would have signed it, instead answering, apos;I collected a bunch of binders onceapos;." "How hard can it be? The answer is apos;yesapos; or apos;noapos;. Iapos;ll guarantee you he would find that the president has a lot harder decisions to make than saying whether he would have signed a bill that is already the law of the land. Iapos;m for Barack Obama, he makes better decisions."

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