Rocky Mountain Gun Owners Endorse Greg Brophy for Governor


The "no compromise" gun rights organization Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, which dominated the opposition at the Colorado state capitol last spring to the slate of gun safety bills passed by the General Assembly, today announced their endorsement of Sen. Greg Brophy in the 2014 GOP gubernatorial primary. From their release a short while ago:

Gun owners have a huge responsibility in 2014: electing someone to replace the most anti-gun Governor in Colorado’s history.

No one running for Governor has championed your gun rights more than Senator Greg Brophy, and that’s why RMGO-PAC is proud to announce our endorsement of his campaign.

We’ve been able to rely on Greg’s leadership at the State Capitol for over 10 years, where he was even the first elected official to sponsor Constitutional Carry.

And if elected Governor, Greg won’t waste any time signing the dotted line on legislation aimed at repealing the radical gun controls passed in 2013.

Despite the organization's recent vow to turn up the heat against Democrats, there's no greater influence that the RMGO wields today than in Republican primaries. Recent casualties who can attest to this include the Glenn Vaad, the moderate Republican who lost to Vicki Marble, and Larry Liston, who lost to Owen Hill in Colorado Springs. Brophy may not be the strongest candidate to compete in the general election against Gov. John Hickenlooper, but the help of RMGO and Dudley Brown — always expected to be one of Brophy's closest allies — is a weapon Brophy's opponents may come to wish they had in their arsenal before this primary is over.

As long as you forget all about Jaxine Bubis, that is.

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