Roberti SuperPAC delivers body blow to Esty's voting record in new ad

I'm still not a huge fan of SuperPACs but this latest ad from pro-Roberti SuperPAC New Directions for America does something that neither Chris Donovan or Dan Roberti have done effectively...point out Esty's "Republican-Light" voting record.

This exposure should had happened months ago!

REFERENCED POINTS FROM AD (most points in the ad where referenced by yours truly in several posts).

1. Biennium Budget Bill, June 26 2009.

2. Office of Fiscal Analysis on Esty's alternative budget, Aug. 7 2009 and Aug 19 2009

3. Hartford Courant, Oct 15 2011: Elizabeth Esty's Donations Are Within The Law, But ...

and as a bonus...

4. Hartford Courant, October 08, 2011: NU Execs Gave To Campaign Of Esty's Wife.

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