Roberti responds to Esty's "lobbyist" charge

Today Dan Roberti released an ad in response to Elizabeth Esty's charge that he's a D.C lobbyist.


Dan Roberti, Democratic candidate for U.S. Congress, today released his third television ad, entitled "Everything," which will air this week across the 5th Congressional District.

In the ad, Dan sets the record straight about Elizabeth Esty's recent ad "It's a Mess."  In her ad, Ms. Esty portrays Dan as a Washington, D.C., lobbyist. Dan points out that it's his father who is the lobbyist and that he's "never been a lobbyist and Elizabeth knows it."

Dan goes on to list some of the public service work he has done in his life, including running a homeless shelter as a Jesuit Volunteer, organizing disaster relief during Hurricane Katrina, and fighting poverty with Martin Luther King III.

The ad also takes Elizabeth Esty to task for accepting contributions from polluters her husband, DEEP Commissioner Daniel Esty, regulates.

Elizabeth Esty's attack ad exemplifies "everything that's wrong with politics," Dan asserts.


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