Roberti picks up endorsement from Teamsters Local 1150

I guess it must be endorsement's the latest from the Roberti camp.


Teamsters Local 1150, which represents workers at Sikorsky Aircraft, today endorsed Democrat Dan Roberti for Congress in Connecticut's 5th District.

"I am delighted to endorse Dan Roberti in the race for Connecticut's 5th Congressional District," said Rocco Calo, secretary-treasurer of Teamsters Local 1150. "Dan has proven himself a strong and vocal advocate for working families. In his campaign for Congress, he has kept a sharp focus on the need for job creation, in Connecticut and nationwide. He is the only candidate with a Jobs Plan that has ideas for getting people back to work right now, as well as a vision for job creation in the future."

Mr. Roberti said he was proud to accept the endorsement of Teamsters Local 1150. "I am extremely pleased that the Teamsters have recognized my dedication to supporting the workforce, as well as those struggling to get back to full employment. In Congress, I will fight so that citizens of Connecticut can get and keep good jobs, decent wages and benefits, and a standard of living representative of all their hard work," Mr. Roberti said. "We can get this country back on track with innovative job creation ideas, skills training in cutting-edge technologies, and strong efforts to stem the flow of jobs overseas," he added.

"I thank the Teamsters who have given me their support, and will stand with them on values they have championed, such as fair pay and safe working conditions," Mr. Roberti said. "I understand the heritage of the Teamsters Union and its historic role in the labor movement. My grandfather, who worked at Sikorsky Aircraft, was one of the first members of Local 1150. I will always fight for the men and women whose labor keeps this country moving."

Teamsters Local 1150, which represents 3,500 workers, joins the Communication Workers of America Local 1298 as labor organizations endorsing Mr. Roberti for the 5th District congressional seat.

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