Roberti to Donovan: "Where's the report?"

For the second time this week, Dan Roberti takes a swipe at Chris Donovan regarding the FBI investigation that has engulfed the House Speaker's Congressional campaign while chastising the endorsed candidate for not responding to calls for debates.


WATERBURY, CT - On June 1, the campaign of 5th District congressional candidate Chris Donovan announced there would be an internal investigation into alleged illegalities involving the campaign's finances. According to the Donovan campaign, the report by former federal prosecuter Stanley Twardy would be ready in 15 days. That deadline has passed, and the results of the investigation have yet to be released.

The report - which Chris Donovan should make public - hopefully will answer some questions surrounding the corruption charges that have been brought by the FBI against his campaign finance director. That arrest, and the subsequent firing of Donovan campaign staffers, has paralyzed the 5th District race, as developments in the evolving corruption case have dominated the news and confounded the voters.

It is imperative that the Twardy report be released, so that questions will be answered about the conduct of the Donovan campaign. Only then can the race for the 5th District Democratic nomination return to a focus on the issues so vital to voters. Those issues, including jobs and the economy, were to be the focus of a series of debates leading up to the Democratic primary August 14. I proposed the debate series almost a month ago, on May 29; yet none are scheduled, despite repeated attempts on my part to get the process moving. There is no question this endeavor has been stymied by the stunning turn of events that is the scandal surrounding Chris Donovan's campaign.

The cloud cast by the corruption investigation into the Donovan campaign hangs over legislative races beyond the 5th District. Other Connecticut Democrats seeking public office are affected by the tainted atmosphere that has developed amid this ongoing criminal investigation into political fund-raising.

In particular for the 5th District race, there will be no positive, forward momentum until Chris Donovan releases the report on the Twardy internal investigation. Once that is done, Chris must get on board with the debates. Otherwise, he just slouches toward August 14, in hopes that his party endorsement will win him the primary election, even as the FBI investigation continues. If that is the case, the real losers will be the voters. They will be going to the polls without the results of the internal probe, and without any real airing of Chris' views on the issues.

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