Right-leaning special interests have the GOP's back

More than one reader has raised the same question in recent weeks: how can the Republican Party afford to keep sending all this attack mail, after racking up more than $2 million in debt last cycle and stiffing their landlord and various vendors?

The obvious answer: they can't. Their special-interest backers are covering their direct mail efforts for the party while they straighten out their finances.

The content of the mailings we're receiving in swing-ish areas tell the tale: for every mailing from the Republican Party on behalf of candidates like Kirk Stensrud in my 48A and others elsewhere in the 'burbs, there are at least three from the Coalition of Minnesota Businesses and the Freedom Club State PAC attacking Yvonne Selcer and other DFL candidates.

It's pretty disgusting overall, but when we start thinking about where the money is coming from, it's even worse. Why is the CMB, ostensibly a business-oriented organization, flacking for the destruction of the public education system? Why is the Freedom Club spending so heavily to help the GOP hang on to the Legislature when the numbers are against the Republican Party's candidates?

Because there's money to be made, and they know their legislative allies are in trouble. Thus, mystery money goes to attack DFLers relentlessly, because the GOP itself simply can't afford to compete without help.

Makes one wonder what the special interests are demanding in return for tossing the GOP and their candidates a life preserver.

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