Republicans Like Small Government. So Cut Off Government Water At The Republican Convention.

Tampa, folks that will be attending the Republican National Convention in your city don't believe in infrastructure maintenance or anything supplied by the government. So cut off the government water at the Republican National Convention and make them happy. Then Tampa, if you really want to make them happy. Don't pick up their garbage. Don't use your local government police for their security. Don't let them use government owned parking lots,etc. Tampa, this is a win-win for you and the Republican National Convention. They, the little or no government loving Republicans will get exactly what they want and you, tampa, will save tons of money.

The federal government can also help the, little or no government loving, Republicans enjoy their convention by telling all of their Secret Police, Homeland Security folks, the FBI, etc., scheduled to provide security at the Republican National Convention to skip the event and take some comp time off. Another win-win deal that will save the government money and help cut the federal debt. The Republican National Convention folks will love you, the federal government, for helping cut the federal debt.

Now wasn't that easy?


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