Republicans, McConnell And The Shameless Attempt to Destroy American Recovery

With the election nearing and the economy slowly recovering Americans need to be aware of one thing. The Republican Party not only were instrumental in causing the economic crash in 2008 with their trickle-down idiocy, their costly wars, and their constant deregulation of the financial industry but they have been even more instrumental in doing their best to delay and minimize a full recovery for all Americans? Why? Well it seems as if in the last four years Republicans have not been concentrating on what is best for their country, but what they can do to make Obama a one-term President no matter who suffers for it.  
You see, in the Senate it seems to get anything done you have to come up with 60 votes. And in the Senate the real leader of the modern Republican Party is determined to make sure Americans suffer for electing and possibly re-electing Barack Obama. Mitch McConnell does not consider working to help America recover to be his job as Senate Republican "leader". He considers his job to be making Barack Obama a one-term President. Don't take my word for it:

And indeed Republicans have set about to make that their grand quest. Who cares how many Americans suffer? Of course, men like Mitch McConnell never suffer. After crashing our economy and being bailed out they hope to keep us in pain to further their own goals. The goal of taking back the White House and continuing to rape our economy to the benefit of a very few people and the Communists in China.

As our recovery slowly continues and jobs continue to slowly return Americans should remember a simple fact. Our recovery could have been a lot stronger and quicker if just Republicans in the Senate would have done their jobs ad worked to help the recovery. Instead they hoped to keep it "jobless" to score points on Obama this year for it.

You see, a bill has been out there for a while, introduced by Obama that would have created many more jobs especially in the construction sector that has been decimated. It was the American Jobs Act. Remember in 2008 when American talked about combatting unemployment by finally addressing our ailing infrastructure? All that was swept under the rug by your modern Republican Party:

On September 8, 2011 - one year ago tomorrow - President Obama laid out a series of policy proposals known collectively as the American Jobs Act. The plan included stimulus spending in the form of immediate infrastructure investments, tax credits for working Americans and employers to encourage consumer spending and job growth, and efforts to shore up state and local budgets to prevent further layoffs of teachers, firefighters, police officers, and other public safety officials.

The American Jobs Act never became law, however, because Republicans opposed it from the start, blasting it as another form of "failed stimulus" that wouldn't help the economy. (They ignored the fact that the first "failed stimulus," the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, wasn't a failure at all.) One month later, the GOP blocked the bill in the Senate, preventing the creation of more than a million jobs and the added growth that multiple economists predicted would occur if the bill passed.

The American economy has continued to recover since the American Jobs Act failed. It added 96,000 jobs last month, according to today's Bureau of Labor Statistics report, making August the 30th consecutive month in which the private sector has grown. But growth could have been faster: the public sector shed 7,000 jobs in August, adding to the more 700,000 it has lost since 2009. That includes hundreds of thousands of teachers and educators, firefighters, and police officers. Had the public sector spent the last three years growing at its previous rate, unemployment would be at least a full point lower than it is now.

The American Jobs Act and policies like it would have unquestionably boosted job creation and economic growth, a stark contrast to the tax-cutting policies put forth by congressional Republicans, whose "job creation" bills would have actually destroyed thousands of jobs. Republicans nevertheless continue to ignore economists and basic economics, instead pushing supply-side tax policies that have repeatedly failed to boost job creation and economic growth.

Go here and read for yourself all the good this bill could have done in creating even more jobs for AMERICANS and speeding our nation's economic recovery:

In other words the Republican Party, led by Mitch McConnell not only crashed our economy in the last decade but they bailed themselves out and then immediately set out to punish America for electing a Democrat to the White House. As always they are in the way of progress for our country as a whole because that means they will not be able to continue making our government work for them and them alone.

That is why this election is so important. We simply cannot afford to allow Mitt Romney and Mitch McConnell continue to pick away at the American dream and send it to the Communist leaders in China who will exploit their slaves and allow the good time to roll on and profits to roll in to a very few people. Selfish, unpatriotic people like McConnell and Romney.

They are and remain determined to shatter the American dream for Americans.


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