"Republicans Fight for Small Business"

One Republican tactic we have become all too familiar with. Republicans lying by saying they seek to help "small businesses" with their trickle-down economics. Even bigger is the lie that any of their opponents are proposing to destroy those same "small businesses". In truth all they really care about is protecting huge corporations from having to pay fair wages, give benefits, pay taxes, and follow sensible regulations. As in the case with President Obama, Republicans care little about the truth or those "small businesses" they use as a talking point.
That is because in the last several years Republican obstruction has not only hurt working American families, it has cost those real small business they want you to believe they champion. You see, one truth in some of their talking points is that small businesses are indeed our nations greatest job creators. However in their obstruction far from trying to help these businesses Republicans could not allow legislation to pass that would help them succeed.

All along their plan was to make Obama a one-term President. They did not care who it hurt or what damage it did to our country. That is because they do really only care about 2% of Americans and quite frankly those Americans asses are covered. Yes, even under Barack Obama their profits have mostly rebounded.

And no matter what the Republican propoganda machine chooses to preach President Obama did indeed make a valid attempt to reach out and help real American small businesses and entrepreneurs. In fact he wanted to do it with another thing Republicans are supposed to be all for, tax cuts:

New Tax Cuts to Businesses to Support Hiring and Investment:The President is proposing three tax cuts to provide immediate incentives to hire and invest:

Cutting the Payroll Tax Cut in Half for the First $5 Million in Wages:This provision would cut the payroll tax in half to 3.1% for employers on the first $5 million in wages, providing broad tax relief to all businesses but targeting it to the 98 percent of firms with wages below this level.

Temporarily Eliminating Employer Payroll Taxes on Wages for New Workers or Raises for Existing Workers:The President is proposing a full holiday on the 6.2% payroll tax firms pay for any growth in their payroll up to $50 million above the prior year, whether driven by new hires, increased wages or both. This is the kind of job creation measure that CBO has called the most effective of all tax cuts in supporting employment.

Extending 100% Expensing into 2012:The President is proposing to extend 100 percent expensing, the largest temporary investment incentive in history, allowing all firms - large and small - to take an immediate deduction on investments in new plants and equipment.


No matter whom you support for what, don't these ideas sound like they might could just work? Why would Republicans not want to HELP the President and Democrats in Congress negotiate a policy that would provide real relief and help small businesses create jobs??

There are two reasons. First, the modern Republican Party, led by Mitt Romney, Mitch McConnell and John Boehner simply cannot stand to invest in our country or people. They do not mind throwing trillions of dollars away in failed wars, corporate welfare, tax cuts for the very rich, and shipping our jobs overseas exploiting mostly oppressed people but if you mention one word about investing in our own land and people they whine like spoiled, selfish children and employ any method to get their way. To me, it appears as if they are the ones who really hate their country.

Secondly they could not allow these policies to be enacted to help real small businesses startup and hire because they did not want that to happen. If measures were enacted that actually cleaned up the mess made by George W. Bush and a Republican Congress in the last decade then folks would see that trickle-down is indeed a fraud and Progressive policies can indeed uplift a large majority of Americans.

As with Bill Clinton, Barack Obama has been a very moderate President. Both of these men reached out to, tried to include and compromised with Republicans. They both alienated their own base to try and represent all Americans. We all know what happened to Bill Clinton and Barack Obama has been one of the most vilified and smeared Presidents in history.

But its all a means to an end for Republicans. Their "leader" told us all that they were going to make America suffer for electing Barack Obama and daring to challenge their right to continue picking us clean with their trickle-down idiocy:

It has nothing to do with "Conservatism" or patriotism or anything else. It is all to do with greed. A very few people have reaped the only rewards of the last thirty years and have horded our nation's wealth to themselves. They do not care who has to suffer or how many times they crash the economy as long as they can keep trickle-down in effect and keep the party swinging for themselves.

That is how Republicans fight for small businesses.  

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