Republicans Can't Even Say Happy Birthday Without Being Jerks

Is wishing someone a simple "happy birthday" too much civility now? Apparently it is for the RNC. This hit my email yesterday and I noticed it in the "trash" folder (which is appropriate when you read the content):

Next week is President Obama's birthday.  Democrats are asking you to sign a card, but we have a better idea.  Let's send him THE CONSTITUTION.

Click on the link and you get this explanation:

President Obama has made it clear that he has a pen and a phone, and that he is willing to go around Congress and the Constitution to get his way. So for his birthday, the RNC is delivering a copy of the U.S. Constitution to the White House so Obama can read it before he picks up his pen or phone.

Join us in sending Obama a reminder that our great nation has a Constitution that cannot be ignored.

Add your name to send President Obama the U.S. Constitution.

Add this to the textbook definition of "chutzpah." Why is the President using "a pen and a phone?"  Because Congress won't do anything while in session and just today began a five week vacation. In fact, while they whine about "all the vacation time this President has taken" (although it's less than Bush II or Reagan), lthey reduced this year's work schedule to just 116 days.  In 2013, they were in session a whopping 126 days.

From the Hillbilly Report:


Now, I know we'll have some who point out that Congresscritters "work" while they're in their home districts.  But the only evidence I see of that is a plethora of self-serving "town meetings" that generally begin with a monologue by the Representative and then move to a series of often pre-screen questions from the usually-friendly audience. And there are far fewer of those events than there are donor-only, closed door fundraisers.

Their real work is done in committee and on the floor of the House and Senate. So the Republican Party wants to us to send the President a Constitution to remind him of his job? Let's return the favor and send our Representatives time cards to remind them that we expect them to do their jobs. It must be nice to get 4-5 weeks off every couple of months, but for average Americans, that's called "unemployment."  For our Congress, it's called standard operating procedure. 

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