Republican Senator: Video Games are a 'Bigger Problem Than Guns’

Many Republicans in Congress have sought to avoid enacting common-sense reforms to gun policy, instead choosing to buckle to the NRA and its gun manufacturer backers. On MSNBC Thursday, Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-TN) dismissed universal background checks, saying that he thinks video games are “a bigger problem” than guns because they “affect people”:

CHUCK TODD: Can you envision a way of supporting the universal background checks bill?

LAMAR ALEXANDER: Chuck, I’m going to wait and see on all these bills. I think video games is a bigger problems than guns, because video games affect people.

Watch it:

For the record, violent video games are very popular overseas as well. In the United Kingdom, the Call of Duty series was the top-selling game last year. But their gun murder rate is extremely low, with only 39 such killings in 2009.

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