The Republican Runaround on Jobs

Republicans are once again doing what they do best. Blaming everyone else for the problems they have caused in a desperate attempt to get America to allow them to crash our country into a ditch once more. We all know how the trickle-down policies of the last thirty years came crashing down just before the last Presidential election, putting millions out of work. After the last three years or so of obstructing any kind of progress for American workers Republicans are going after Barack Obama over today's GDP report.
The report was indeed not very good:

The report from the Commerce Department showed the U.S. economy slowed in the second quarter amid weak consumer spending, government cuts and a rise in imports from foreign countries.

Gross domestic product, the broadest measure of the nation's economic health, grew at an annual rate of 1.5% from April to June, the Commerce Department said, down significantly from a 2% rate in the first three months of the year.


And predictably Republicans in all their hypocritical, self-righteous glory were on the attack:

"Instead of spending his time fighting for American jobs, President Obama is working desperately to save his own," Priebus continued, "As a result, 23 million Americans are struggling for work. We need a new president who understands how the economy works and who will make job creation his number one priority. Mitt Romney will be that president."

"President Obama has been claiming that his economic policies have 'worked.' This morning's GDP numbers suggest otherwise," former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty wrote in a statement from Romney's team. "It seems that the President's poor stewardship of the economy is only going to come to an end when his term comes to an end. Instead of generating growth and jobs, he has only generated uncertainty. Let's hope that the President finds the time amid his busy fundraising schedule to meet with his Jobs Council at least on one more occasion in what remains of his failed presidency."

A new President that understands how the economy works? Well, when one starts running I wish these Republicans would let me know. All Romney and his ilk seek is a return to the trickle-down idiocy that got us here in the first place. Only this time on steroids.

Look again at the two driving factors behind the weak GDP report besides consumer spending. Government cuts and a rise in imports. Both are things Republicans hold dear. Slashing the social safety net for Americans and creating jobs in China. Is that really what America wants to go back to??

My question to Mr. Pawlenty and any other Republican is this. If your policies and ideas are so great why have they not worked? Despite your bluster Obama has changed little and gave you your precious tax cuts the first time around. For the most part "trickle-down" has been in effect since Reagan and you know what?? The simple fact is it was a dismal failure or we would not even be to this point right now.

Then when working Americans needed relief what did Republicans do? After jumping through hoops to bail out the bankers they did everything in their power to water down the stimulus that would have bailed out average Americans. When Americans desperately needed jobs, they took the coward's way out and filibusted the American Jobs Act:

U.S. Senate Republicans, joined by one Democrat and one Independent, Thursday blocked a proposal President Barack Obama said would "put Americans back to work."

The Senate voted 51-49 in favor of a procedural motion on the bill, which would spend $60 billion on transportation and infrastructure. However, 60 votes were required to break a GOP filibuster on the bill.

It was the third time in recent weeks Republicans were able to block measures that had been components of the American Jobs Act, initially proposed by the administration as a comprehensive, $447 billion package intended to boost hiring and give money to states to hire teachers and public safety workers.

But you see in the world of the modern Republican bankers are a worthy investment. They can crash the economy and cost you your job but they are still better than you. You deserve nothing and should lose any government aid you have to fall back on.

Just what would the American Jobs Act have done for GDP?? EPI released this summary soon after the President announced his plans:

The table below shows a preliminary breakdown of the package and a first pass look at the job impact (we'll revise and update as more details are released). The plan includes $162 billion for the continuation of the payroll tax holiday and extended unemployment insurance benefits, and $285 billion for other new measures, including the expansion of the payroll holiday (to a 3.1 percentage point reduction and to employers), infrastructure investments, aid to states and localities, school construction, etc.

Overall the package would increase employment by about 4.3 million jobs over the next couple of years. The new initiatives would boost employment by about 2.6 million jobs, while the continuation of the two temporary provisions (EUI and the payroll tax holiday) would prevent a backslide of over 1.6 million jobs.

And this chart:


Even non-partisans agreed:

A tentative thumbs-up.

That was the assessment Thursday night from economists, who offered mainly positive reviews of President Barack Obama's $447 billion plan to stimulate job creation.

Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody's Analytics, estimated that the president's plan would boost economic growth by 2 percentage points, add 2 million jobs and reduce unemployment by a full percentage point next year compared with existing law.

But what do the Republicans have to offer instead of the Obama plan?? It seems if they were so dead-set to sink the President's plan they would have one of their own. Well, unfortunately for Americans, they did:

The GOP jobs package, which currently includes 32 bills, represents Republicans' hallmark legislative accomplishment over the past two years. In the months ahead of the election, they will lean on it as proof of two things: that they are not the do-nothing obstructionists that Democrats paint them as, and that they are working hard to address the 8.2 percent unemployment rate.

But there's a problem with their jobs bills: They don't create jobs. At least, they won't any time soon.

"A lot of these things are laughable in terms of a jobs plan that would produce noticeable improvements across the country in the availability of employment in the next four or five years," said Gary Burtless, a senior economist at Brookings. "Even in the long run, if they have any effect all, it would be extremely marginal, relative to the jobs deficit we currently have."

Yes, it would appear that if you really wanted to create jobs your "jobs package" would actually attempt to do that instead of just throwing more money away to your special interest buddies:

"They are very narrowly targeted, and it gives the impression that maybe some of this is special interest really pursuing these, not really taking a macro view but a very, very micro focus in what the impact would be," Riccadonna said. For most of the bills in the package, "jobs are a second- or third-order effect, not the main priority."

So while their "leader" Mitt Romney is overseas making a fool of himself his Republican Righteous Flock is circling America making fools of themselves and desperately hoping to make fools of all of us again. They may think that the GDP numbers prove their point but it actually proves ours.

Republicans could care less about our economy as a whole and whether jobs are created for Americans. The policies they have and will try are a dismal failure. You do not have to take our words for it, just look all around you. Their insanity is why we are here to begin with.

The truth is that Republicans have blocked anything that would America as a whole. They did so because they are desperately afraid someone else will benefit from the actions of government. After crashing our economy with their failed policies they had one single goal. To hell with America, they were determined to make Obama a one-term President so they could continue their raping and murdering of the American middle-class:

A fitting goal for a party of vultures, leeches and vampires.

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