Republican Judge Forces Lesbian Texan Out of Her Home

Republican judge John RoachThis month in McKinney, just outside of Dallas, Republican judge John Roach kicked Page Price, a lesbian, out of her home. Why? Because she was helping raise her partner's two children. As of May 7th, Price has 30 days to evacuate her home.

This sick, anti-family judge is involved at all because Price's partner, Carolyn Compton, is going through a divorce. Roach inserted a "morality clause" into Compton's divorce papers which forbids Compton from having anyone she is not related to "by blood or marriage" in her home past 9:00 p.m. if the children are present. The aptly named Roach wrote that he didn't approve of Compton's "lifestyle". Her lifestyle of living with the person she loves and raising two kids.

"Our children are all happy and well adjusted. By his enforcement, being that we cannot marry in this state, I have been ordered to move out of my home," Price wrote on Facebook.

Judge Roach won election to the 296th Judicial District Court in 2006 as "proven conservative" with a "deep" "love for his family, his profession, his friends and his community." Turns out, Roach doesn't give a damn about the kids or the adults trying to raise them in Collin County. Instead, he wants to force Texans to live according to his own, backwards views. His "proven conservative" status means conserving homophobia and insanity in our society. For shame.

Morality clauses like the one Roach used are "a holdover from a time when judges tried to keep people with children from living together outside of marriage," Raw Story explains. "What the clause has become is an extra burden on gay people because they're no more likely to violate it than straight people," Dallas law firm Lambda Legal's Ken Upton told the Dallas Voice. "It's a problem that continues with homophobia."

If Price and Compton appeal, the case could set a new standard for how this morality clause can be applied to same sex couples in the future. Appeals courts, Upton explained, look at whether the home environment is healthy for children and since Price and Compton were already providing a caring home, they stand a good chance to win on appeal.

"This could be an important case in Texas," he said. "I think it's a case to watch."

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