Renewable Interest: Green Energy Sources Gaining Market Share

In a positive sign for United States energy consumption, a new report shows that the market share of renewable energy sources grew at a larger pace than fossil fuels for the year 2012. Additionally, the first half of this year has seen an enormous surge in renewable energy infrastructure and generating capacity.

For 2012, a decline in the cost of solar and wind infrastructure is partly credited with the surge in use. The International Energy Agency is now feeling more optimistic that renewable sources of energy could make up as much as 25 percent of global electricity generation by the year 2018.

And in another positive step for America, consumer energy consumption fell significantly in 2012, although that was in the wake of increased consumption from corporations.

A July Energy Infrastructure Update from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission says that renewable energy provided 25 percent of new electricity generation for the first six months of 2013.  

The increased use and infrastructure build-out become even more remarkable when you consider the attacks that have been flowing towards renewable energy standards all over the country.

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) launched an all-out assault on renewable energy standards last year, managing to get at least 16 different states with imposed Renewable Portfolio Standards (rules that provide a guaranteed commitment to investment in fossil fuels) to consider legislation that would have either scaled these requirements back, or eliminated them altogether. 

In addition to the attacks from ALEC, the dirty energy industry has scaled back their investments into renewable projects, and instead decided to double down on their efforts to suck the last drops of oil and natural gas out of the ground. 

It is becoming clear that the renewable energy industry is one that might actually be able to stand on its own in the very near future. While they may still be somewhat dependent upon government assistance, they are clearly gaining ground in the free market. 

And until the oil industry gives up their billions of dollars in federal subsidies, it's only fair that the government would prop up the fledgling renewable sector as well.

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