Gun Rights Activists Politicize the Alamo for the First Time in Over a Century

Since its founding as the symbol of Texas independence, the Alamo was a political-free zone. The historic site where 200 Texans fended off — and ultimately died during — a siege by the Mexican army has been a place for universal remembrance, not political action. This all changed on Saturday when hundreds of gun rights activists charged the Alamo.

Armed gun rights activists rally at the Alamo

 SAN ANTONIO (AP) — Several hundred gun rights activists armed with rifles and shotguns rallied outside of the Alamo on Saturday in a demonstration that broke a longstanding tradition of not staging such events at the enduring symbol of Texas independence….

From 1905 to 2011, the Daughters of the Republic of Texas were the Alamo’s custodians. But in 2011, lawmakers gave the state’s General Land office control of the monument where Col. William Travis and 200 Texas defenders famously died in a siege with the Mexican army in 1836. It was Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson who approved the rally here….

In other words, the Texas Legislature and Gov. Rick “Oops” Perry, when not trying to keep poor people from getting health care, decided to turn the Alamo into a political football, and the gun nuts have thrown out the first ball.

Were the Alamo about what everyone pretends it’s about, it would be a shameful act, and an act of political opportunism. The old Daughters of the Republic of Texas would not have allowed it, but we can now expect the Alamo turned into a right wing clown car for future political circuses.

“(The San Antonio Police Department) is no longer going to be messing with us,” said C.J. Grisham, president of Open Carry Texas, with the Alamo’s famed Spanish mission behind him.

Organizers had also hoped that seeing a large peaceful gathering of armed citizens in the downtown of the country’s seventh largest city would be a step toward making people comfortable with the sight. There were people of all ages in the crowd, including young children. Some waved flags that read “Come and Take It,” others dressed in period costumes, but most looked like anyone else one might encounter on the street, they just happened to be carrying rifles.

Yeah. Because in the 21st Century, it’s totally justified to be carrying instant death and maiming machines with you at all times, in case you don’t get the parking space you want. Right?

The one thing that the Second Amendment fetishists don’t get is that when the Constitution was written, a gun was a necessity. If not for the native Americans — with whom we engaged in a running battle for over 400 years with guns from the get go — then for the dangerous animals that we have, like the Indians, nearly driven to extinction.

Today, the only grave threat requiring a gun is another lunatic carrying a gun.

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