White House Televangelist: Christians Prayed Away Terrorism After 9/11

During a service earlier this month at her City of Destiny church in Apopka, Florida, prosperity gospel preacher and current White House aide, Paula White proclaimed that people who support reproductive rights have sold their souls to Satan while also asserting that is has been “statistically proven” that crime rates fell dramatically around the world after the 9/11 terrorist attacks because Christians prayed.

White, who has been a key spiritual adviser to President Donald Trump for years, prayed against those “men and women who have sold themselves, their conscience, their bodies, their souls, their spirits to Satan to do evil against the children of God and terminate them.”

“God, any blood that has been shed in this land,” she continued, “we repent for the bloodshed, the innocent bloodshed from the 6 million children that have been aborted. We ask God, that you would forgive us as a nation. We ask that you would raise up a standard of righteousness, and God, we ask that you would reverse things in the spirit.”

White then transitioned to praying “against whatever wickedness is being plotted and planned against this nation” as she declared that “there will not be another 9/11.”

“There will not be any loss of life,” she proclaimed. “There will not be a nuclear attack. There will not be a terrorist attack.”

“Do you know that they said when we prayed during 9/11, that crime went down more than anything because it took tragedy for the righteous to pray?” White said. “It is statistically proven because of the power of prayer that crime across this nation and across the world drastically went down.”

Paula White: 'It Is Statistically Proven' That Crime Decreased Globally Because Christians Prayed After 9/11 from Right Wing Watch on Vimeo.

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