Red State Erick Erickson CNN Golden Boy And McGurk Uncorroborated Video. Is This An Apology Eric?

I received this email from Erick Erickson, the right-wing blogger CNN's John King seems to love. It seems Eric didn't do his homework when he posted this article: The Amateur’s Nominee that  links to this article Vote No On The McGurk Nomination that mentions a McGurk video.

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What makes this more than merely troubling is that apparently McGurk sees women employees as being one of the perks of the job. While he was married to one woman and carrying on an affair with another he apparently starred in a video that has achieved cult status among US forces in Baghdad:

I hope CNN and John King got the email and they deal with Mr. Erickson. like they should have a long time ago. 

 The email.

Dear Morning Briefing Subscriber:

Since this morning's Morning Briefing, we have discovered that the item regarding Brett McGurk in a rather compromising video cannot be corroborated.  This rumor appears to have originated with Peter Van Buren, a foreign service officer who served in Iraq, though he did not name McGurk specifically in the rumor. Van Buren is now in a legal battle with the State Department over publication of his memoir. After searching, we are unable to find the video Van Buren referenced and therefore cannot corroborate the veracity of the story. In hindsight, I wouldn’t have posted the item until I saw the evidence.

There remain concerns about Brett McGurk's qualifications, including critics who say he has a lack of knowledge and experience in broader Middle East issues and he may be seen as too close to embattled  Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki. He also has troubling questions about his personal relationships, as evidenced by racy emails from his government account.

Our concerns about his nomination still stand and we would urge the Senate to reject his nomination given that the concerns about his emails and the contents therein can be corroborated.

Sincerely yours,
Erick Erickson

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