The Record Endorses Jason Castle in the 5th

The Bergen Record has come out and endorsed Jason Castle in the 5th Congressional District.

They are basically stating that Castle would be a clean break from the BCDO machine, which Gussen represents. They said it a lot nicer than I would have, but the truth is - Gussen represents the old BCDO that most Bergen voters have had enough of.  Gussen was helped and installed as a candidate in a non-partisan town by the Ferriero-wing of the BCDO, which has a new trial or conviction, or sentencing or allegation practically every week - which the Record has had to cover for the past 7 years.

They did not accuse Gussen of wrongdoing, but like my Mom always told me - choose your friends wisely.  You may be judged by the company you keep - especially if they keep winding up in jail.
As for Jason - regardless of why you would want to avoid the machine candidate, Jason has distinguished himself admirably in his young career, and is an incredibly bright, and upstanding man who would be a breath of fresh air in a Congress currently weighted down with anger, animosity, and inaction.

Castle sees the possibilities of a better future and a way forward - which is the direction we all want to be headed when we approach the November elections.


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