VA School Board Member Asked to Resign Over Racist Michelle Obama Emails

Republicans forwarding racist emails? Haven't we seen this movie before? Well, yes we have (in 2010 in the Virginia Beach Republican Committee). And now, we're seeing it again, yet again involving Republicans (of course):

Racially tinged emails forwarded by two officials in this rural county have led to turmoil on the Board of Supervisors and the School Board, calls for the officials' resignations, and may contribute to the departure of the schools superintendent.

Byron "Buzz" Bailey, vice chairman of the Board of Supervisors, and School Board member Herbert DeGroft are being asked to resign by county, school and NAACP leaders. They're being criticized for sending to county officials copies of emails that community leaders have called disrespectful to African Americans. Bailey and DeGroft are white.

One of the emails showcased topless African female warriors wearing tribal garb with a caption indicating that it was first lady Michele Obama's "high school reunion." A different email claimed National Geographic offered Obama $50 to pose nude.

Click here for citizens' comments starting at around 5:55, and click here for a 5/23 Daily Press article about Vice Chairman Bailey refusing to resign. Baily apologized for forwarding a series of emails from last October to March, and indicated he was joking when he said, "Save the Confederate money, the South will rise again" during a Board of Supervisors meeting.

Finally, note that Del. Rick Morris (R-Isle of Wight), who represents Isle of Wight in the House of Delegates, hasn't uttered a peep about any of this -- even though Morris used to be chair of the Isle of Wight County Republican Committee, which means he knows all these individuals, and maybe even shares a similar sense of "humor" (which would explain why he hasn't said anything)?

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