Racist Anti-Teacher's Union Ad ran in YourHub in Douglas County

The suburban anti-integration phenomenon in Douglas County is so interesting. For example, in 2011 the Douglas County School Board unanimously approved vouchers for 500 lucky (white) students to apply to go to Christian schools. The program was shot down as unconstitutional.

Naturally for the vultures of education privatization, such things make for fertile ground in which to plant seeds of fear and hate, requisite for directing the tide of public opinion away from community, and towards an illusion of separatism and survivalism, such as shown in this ad against unionized teachers:

Here's the full ad.

A lot of work goes into creating these ads. It was no mistake that this image of angry black people fighting for their rights was chosen to strike fear into the hearts of the lily-white DougCo YourHub readers who arbitrarily claim support of the Constitution, and want full and total control of their youngins' minds.

A word to the creators of the ad: Ex-DPS Board President and current sitting member Nate Easley loves vouchers and privatization. You may have met him at one of your parties. Next time hire him to sing and dance your praises. He may do it just for the joy of your approval.  

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