Proposed AZ Law Would Block Federal Gun Bans

Someone needs to send members of the Arizona legislature a copy of the Constitution. Four state legislators have proposed a new bill that would make federal laws restricting certain firearms, including President Obama's new proposal to ban assault weapons, illegal in the state.

"The gist of (HB 2291) really is to preserve the Second Amendment rights of all the Arizona citizens," said Rep. Carl Seel, who co-sponsored the bill.

According to the bill, anyone trying to enforce a federal "rule, regulation or order that is effective on or after January 1, 2013" and limits or restricts ownership of a semiautomatic firearm or any magazine of any firearm can be charged with a Class 6 felony.

Of course, like other similiar propoals across the country, the bill is just for show.

"This particular bill, while perfectly legal to enact, is not legal to enforce because of the supremacy clause of the Constitution," said Morris Callaman, a local attorney, who went one to say the legislation might send a message, but it doesn't have the force of law.

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