Bill for First Lady: Potty Mouth Princesses Rush the Hill

“Hilary’s experience will impress. But as First Lady, Bill will rock the dress.”

While Hillary may not have formally announced her presidential run, “Bill” is already hitting the campaign trail running for “First Lady”… in red high heels and a dress to match.  Today, just weeks before Hillary’s expected formal announcement of her 2016 presidential run, Democratic activists with the political action committee launched a web campaign and online petition drive supporting Hillary Clinton’s White House run.  The youth-focused campaign centers on a pair of humorous viral ads and a merchandise line designed to trade on the pop-culture appeal of her husband as the first man to be “First Lady.”  The videos showcase a specially-created and cartoonishly cute “bobble-head-like” Bill Clinton in a dress who carries a “Bill for First Lady 2016” campaign sign and a purse as he’s filmed rallying support at events in cities across the U.S.  The social media blitz comes from the director of the recent 20-million-viewed gender equality viral hit “Potty-Mouth Princesses,” which was labeled by Entertainment Tonight as “one of the hottest topics on the planet.”

“In the USA, having a vajayjay shouldn’t mean less pay.”

With a focus on gender equality, adorable and articulate young girls ages 6 to 11 from across America run in flag-motif running garb while giving their top 5 reasons Hillary should run for president.  The girls are joined in their run by a certain former president in high heels running for First Lady!


“When we grow up we want choice. President Hillary will be our voice.”

Standing in front of the White House with cheering crowds waving “Bill for First Lady 2016” placards, “Bill" in a dress and high heels kicks off his national campaign to be “First Lady.”  Traveling across America to rally support for Hillary, he kicks off his national tour with a visit to New York City’s Times Square, the Ohio State University campus and Miami's South Beach - where crowds go wild as “Bill” rocks a stars and stripes flag bikini as he’s mobbed by throngs of supporters chanting, “Run Hillary Run!”


The campaign website features an online petition with a goal of 100,000 supporter names backing Hillary’s historic run.  Each name will be entered to win one of thousands of free “Bill for First Lady 2016” bumper stickers to be distributed the day Hillary formally declares she’s in the race.  The PAC’s website also features campaign T-shirts, hoodies, stickers, bags, buttons and other pro-Hillary gear. Supporters can shop “Bill for First Lady 2016” tees and other designs for the election-themed price of $20.16.

The campaign´s videos are the latest work of viral director Luke Montgomery, who has been tapped to lead the PAC’s effort.  Montgomery’s recent edgy gender equality ad, “Potty-Mouth Princesses,” was described by Inside Edition as “creating a national firestorm” and was named by as the #1 viral ad of October 2014 with over 20 million views—14 million from a single Facebook post alone.

In his role as campaign manager, Montgomery stated, “Let’s put Hillary in the White House—Bill is hella homesick!  We’re using humor to help make ‘herstory’ in 2016 and connect with Millennial voters passionate about electing a woman as president and smashing the biggest gender equality barrier of all.  Our team is a social media ad agency fired-up on a political mission and we’ll be cranking out viral videos, memes, Vines and gifs on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram as well as must-have T-shirts and campaign gear. It’s all to highlight Hillary’s ‘Grandma-in-Chief’ cool factor—something boringly stiff Republicans hopelessly can’t match.”  Montgomery added, “We always knew it was Hillary who ‘wore the pants.’  Now Bill’s wearing the dress!  Crowds go crazy seeing ‘Bill’ in his red high heels and we’re taking him on the road again for live events in Iowa and New Hampshire as well as more college campuses around the nation.  Everyone wants a selfie with ‘Bill’ in his dress and to post it online.  We’re set up to be a #Hillary2016 content factory churning out cool.”


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