Pot meet kettle

Nice job Hladky...

...And Rowland knows a lot about boondoggles, not to mention wasting taxpayer money or corruption.

Let's see, there was that little $220 million Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority-Enron debacle engineered by his scum-sucking underling; the sweet corruption deal during his administration involving that $57 million juvenile correctional center in Middletown; and, oh yes, perhaps we should include the billion-dollar Adriaen's Landing project that was supposed to rejuvenate Hartford's downtown but never did.


There was that incredibly convoluted $220 million deal between the soon-to-be-bankrupt energy giant Enron and the CRRA. When Enron went bust, so did the CRRA deal. While the state eventually recovered $111 million from that disaster, the scandal launched the quasi-state CRRA on a downward plunge that now seems irreversible.

And who was the dude at the center of that little disaster? None other than Peter N. Ellef, Rowland's wild-assed co-chief of staff and chairman of the CRRA's board of directors.

Ellef was also a featured player in another Rowland-era boondoggle: the $57 million juvenile center built in Middletown. He and the project's contractor (and Rowland benefactor) William A. Tomasso got caught rigging bids for the center, and both ended up serving lots of federal prison time.


Then there's the crowning jewel of Rowland's administration: Adriaen's Landing, the massive, state-financed project that was supposed to bring Hartford's downtown back from the depths. All those taxpayer dollars (estimates now top $1 billion) would rejuvenate the city, bring in shoppers and tourists and yuppies and provide mixed-income housing and new shops and restaurants.

If you're interested in how that's worked out, please take a walk through the empty, echoing streets between brand-new and still-vacant buildings. The state is still paying $3.9 million a year to help cover operating losses at the Connecticut Convention Center, which was supposed to be the driving force behind the whole operation.

Of course, the Rentschler Field portion of the Adriaen's Landing scheme has been built, but the $92 million, 40,000-seat stadium for UConn football is in East Hartford and does virtually nothing for the economy of Hartford itself.

So Rowland knows plenty about failed projects, idiotic or corrupt politicians, wasting (or stealing) taxpayer dollars, and lying to the public.


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