House GOP Flees Vote on Probe of Sandusky Investigation

House Dems forced a vote this afternoon on HB 520 which calls on the U.S. Attorney to investigate Tom Corbett's investigation of Jerry Sandusky.  House Republicans proceeded to flee the floor even though the House remained in session.  Serious questions have arisen about the Attorney General's probe, why it took so long, why only a single Trooper was assigned until the Gubernatorial election and why a serial sexual predator was allowed three more years on the lam while Corbett buried the case.  Insiders from the AG's office have said Corbett didn't want the case and didn't want it disturbing his run for Governor.

Here's yet another suspicious item:  Corbett knowingly accepted hundreds of thousands in campaign contributions from Board members of The Second Mile during his own investigation of Sandusky.  He then gave the non profit a $3 million grant.  Was this a quid pro quo?  I bet the Republicans on the Board got upset when the Governor then revoked the grant after the coach's indictment.  Do you think, maybe, some large conservative donors might think twice about funding his re-election campaign after what he did to The Second Mile?

What are House Republicans afraid of?  Why walk out to prevent a vote?

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