Dubya: Terrific Painter, Terrible President

We learned last month through the release of hacked emails that former President George W. Bush enjoyed painting enough to produce a couple of self-portraits while he bathed.

Now, the art teacher who worked with Bush six hours a day to help develop those skills is talking about her star pupil.

Bonnie Flood, a Georgia Art instructor, spent about a month teaching Dubya how to mix paints properly and master his stroke. She told Atlanta's Fox 5 that Bush (or, "43," as he signed his paintings), was a quick study.

“He picked it up so quick, it was amazing actually,” Flood said. “His whole heart is in it.”

Bush starting off painting dogs, but as he developed his skills he moved on to scenery and landscapes. And while his Presidency might go down as one of the worst ever, Flood thinks Bush might have truly found his calling.

"He has such a passion for painting," Flood said. "He's going to go down in the history books at a great artists."

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