Don't Forget Don 'Wetbacks' Young's Offensive Anti-Immigrant Votes

AP PhotoRep. Don Young (R-AK) set off a media firestorm for his use of the offensive term “wetbacks” to describe immigrant workers. He has since apologized and said that he supports immigration reform.

But Young’s words aren’t the only thing he should apologize for. Throughout his career in Congress, he has repeatedly taken votes that harm the lives of undocumented immigrants and make it more difficult to achieve comprehensive immigration reform.

Here’s a list of some of the worst votes:

  • He voted YES in August of 1996 to make English the official language of the United States
  • He voted YES in March of 1996 for an amendment that would’ve denied public education to undocumented workers
  • He FAILED TO VOTE for HR 3722, which would’ve denied hospitals federal funds for emergency care for undocumented immigrants unless they turned over certain private information on immigrants.
  • He voted NO on the DREAM Act of 2010 which would’ve provided a path to citizenship for qualified undocumented young people.
  • He has voted to support E-Verify, the flawed program used by the federal government to monitor the status of undocumented immigrant workers.
  • He has co-sponsored a bill to deny Social Security benefits to undocumented immigrants who have worked hard and paid into the system.

Congressman Young was right to apologize for his remarks, but if he truly supports comprehensive immigration reform he must back off his previous votes as well and support humane reforms.

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