B: AL Do As Republicans Say, Not As They Do - Veterans Edition

Republican hypocrisyGov. Dr. Robert Bentley (R) has a lot of gall.  Here he is pandering at a Tea Party Rally in Ft. Payne:

“I’m so proud to stand here today with our veterans. I’m so proud of our state. We have more veterans per capita than any other state. There are 420,000 veterans who live in the state.”

... He went on to say he had signed about seven bills into law that related to veterans or active duty military personnel.

...  “I visit the family of every soldier from Alabama who was killed in active duty,” Bentley said.

In all that bragging about how proud he is to stand with our veterans, and how many laws he's signed that relate to veterans, and even how many military funerals he's attended, Bentley never once mentioned how many veterans assistance offices he's closed.

Seventeen.  Because Robert Bentley takes his pledge to Grover Norquist more seriously than he takes his obligation to help Alabama veterans, he agreed to closing Veterans Service Offices in seventeen Alabama counties. 

Veterans in those seventeen counties -- no matter how disabled or elderly or infirm of body or mind -- will have to make their way to another county, to one of the offices Republicans haven't closed yet, to get help navigating the VA paperwork and collect the benefits they've earned.

Way to honor our veterans, Guv.  If you really cared, you'd be there for these veterans while they're still alive and need help, not just for their funerals.

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