Anti-Davis-Bacon Amendment Defeated (and 54 Republicans Voted the Workers’ Way!)

Steve King will need more than Bachmann eyes to defeat the Davis-Bacon Act


A bit of good news that might otherwise go unreported…

Iowa GOP Rep. Steve King has attempted repeatedly to tear down the Davis-Bacon Act which establishes the prevailing wage on public works projects. He has done so with multiple amendments and legislative actions which onlookers rarely hear or read about. Luckily for workers, the anti-Davis-Bacon effort appears to be backpedaling as indicated by last night’s defeat of the King Amendment to H.R. 5856 (the Department of Defense Appropriations Act, 2013).

The vote went 235 to 182 with 54 Republicans voting against King & Co. This is up from 52 votes against the last time a similar anti-wage amendment was flung through the halls of Congress.

Perhaps King was distracted? Short on time to promote his anti-worker initiative? He’s preparing to sue President Obama over immigration.

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