Lawmakers Push Extreme Early Abortion Bans

Despite voters' clear rejection of the War on Women in last year's election, anti-choice politicians continue to move extreme legislation in states across the country.

Anti-choice state lawmakers have introduced extreme early abortion bans, or so-called "heartbeat" bans in Kentucky, Mississippi, Wyoming, Arkansas, and North Dakota.

These bills would ban abortion so early in a pregnancy that most women wouldn't even know they're pregnant.

On the Roe v. Wade anniversary, Nancy Keenan, former president of NARAL Pro-Choice America, debated Charmaine Yoest, president and CEO of Americans United for Life, on PBS NewsHour about the anti-choice agenda in the states. Nancy reminded viewers that when voters get to weigh in on extreme measures like this, they decisively reject them at the polls:

"We see 'personhood' being introduced in Mississippi, and when the people have the actual opportunity to vote at that ballot box they vote "no" and they reject it. We saw the abortion ban in South Dakota twice defeated by the people. There was outrage [in Virginia] over the mandatory transvaginal ultrasound. Women spontaneously showed up at the Capital saying, 'stop this nonsense!'"

Nonetheless, the anti-choice movement is not deterred. Their ultimate goal is to render Roe v. Wade meaningless by chipping away at women's reproductive freedom, state by state.

These anti-choice politicians clearly just don't get it.

We know that seven out of 10 Americans do not want Roe v. Wade overturned. And when anti-choice lawmakers try to force their extreme agenda on citizens of their state, voters turn out and shut down those anti-choice initiatives.

As Nancy put so well:

"I think that we always have to be vigilant. And I think we have to make sure that people that are elected to office know what's at stake here, and that's freedom and privacy. But I do believe that the people in this country share the value of being pro-choice and they're not going to let that happen."

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