Plea to Wisconsin Democrats: TURNOUT!!

While the war on the American worker has been waged nonstop for the better part of three decades, one of the newest fronts in that war was opened in Wisconsin. All of us remember Scott Walker and his war on workers and their rights in Wisconsin. It led to much drama and now tomorrow a recall of the sitting Governor. Now polling is showing this race up in the air and it appears as if turnout will be the key to who will win.
On the eve of the recall vote a new poll from Public Policy Polling showed this race very tight, with the sitting governor holding a slim lead:

Walker leads Democratic challenger Tom Barrett, the mayor of Milwaukee, by just 3 percentage points in a new survey of likely voters (pdf) conducted by Public Policy Polling. Walker leads Barrett 50 to 47 percent, down from the 50 to 45 percent matchup PPP found in a poll conducted three weeks ago. The margin of error for this week's poll is plus or minus 2.8 percentage points.

And while Walker has become a tea-bagging darling and has recieved plenty of national help as always it seems as if Democratic Party "leadership" has clearly dropped the ball for the rest of us and for America yet again:

Walker has successfully drawn national support from the tea party movement and high-profile Republicans such as New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley and others. Former President Bill Clinton made a campaign stop for Barrett on Friday, but Clinton's presence prompted Republicans to note that the current president has steered clear of this race.

The cowardice of our party's leadership really makes me look back longingly at the days when Howard Dean ran the DNC. Despite receiving little support from national "leaders" however it appears as if Democrat Tom Barret actually still may have a chance in this recall:

Turnout will be the deciding factor in this close race, as PPP stated in its analysis Monday.

"If Democrats turn out in the same numbers that they did in 2008 Tom Barrett will win a surprise victory," Dean Debnam, president of Public Policy Polling, wrote in his analysis. "And if they don't Scott Walker will survive."

So from all of us at Hillbilly Report to our fellow Democrats in Wisconsin a simple message, no plea. TURNOUT PLEASE!!!! We need to not only show Republicans that we will not allow them to steal even more rights from working-class Americans but we need to show cowardly and Republican-lite factions in our own party that their behavior is not acceptable either.

Some of us believe in a Progressive vision for this country as it appears many "leaders" in the Democratic Party do not. Some of us believe it is time to reward work, not punish it and find disgusting ways to enrich those who do no real work but stealing from the rest of us.

Tomorrow I hope Wisconsin Democrats will show the country as a whole that some of us are not afraid to fight for that vision.

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