Physics Professor: Last Decade ‘Hottest 10 Years Ever Recorded’

As coastal areas in the Northeast continue to struggle in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, one professor thinks a larger trend in climate change reveals these 100-year storms will become more frequent over the next century - and more deadly.

“Everyone agrees the Earth is heating up, there’s more energy in the system," City University of New York Physics Professor Michio Kaku said on CBS This Morning. "This year could go down at one of the hottest years ever recorded in the history of science. The last 10 years goes down as the hottest 10 years ever recorded...and that means more wacky weather, more moisture and more energy."

Talking specifically about Hurricane Sandy, Kaku said the rise in temperature will fuel future storms because there's more energy circulating around the planet due to the rise in temperatures.

“That’s the energy that drives hurricanes," he said. "Warm water. And because the Caribbean is hotter than normal, and because it collides with cold air coming in from Canada, that’s what drove the energy that devastated much of the Northeast.”

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